Thursday, February 19, 2009

10% Off Your First SV.Soaps Order

In honor of my new online soap shop I am giving 10% off for anyone who purchases from my new site. You can follow the link below and it will automatically discount 10% off your order.

Follow this link to receive your 10% Discount:

New Products:

Winter Grapefruit Handmade Vegan Soap:

Juniper and Grapefruit essential oils have long been used in spa detox programs. Enjoy this crisply innovative blend of Fresh Grapefruit, Juniper, and Italian Lemon. It smells just like fresh grapefruit whirled up in a blender with a spring of pine needle and a handful of red currents. Winter Grapefruit is fresh, delighting to the senses.

This bar has layers of creamy yellow and mauve layers. The mauve layers contain pink jojoba beads for exfoliation. The top is sprinkled with mauve chunks of soap and pink jojoba beads.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub:

My salt scrubs contain a wonderfully moisturizing blend of dead sea salt and oils that will leave your skin healthy and soft!!

Rubbing your skin with a good salt scrub, full of minerals essential for a healthy body, allows the texture of the scrub paste to exfoliate and polish the skin, leaving it clean and refreshed.

How Does Salt Scrub Benefit Your Skin?

Exfoliates dead skin cells - The salt rubs away the layer of dead skin cells to reveal a younger skin layer.

Cleans your pores- As the salt gently abrades your skin, it picks up oils and dirt from your pores.
Stimulates blood circulation- The gentle abrasion stimulates blood flow to the area.
Removes toxins- Those toxins released through your skin are removed when you wash off the salt.

Strengthens and firms skin tissues-Keeping your skin looking younger and feeling healthier

Many great scents to choose from....


Mistifaery said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Sugar scrub! I smell AWESOME!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Mistifaery said...

The salt scrub ROCKS too!! Thanks!