Thursday, July 17, 2008


I have recently embarked on separating my Etsy shop into two shops. I thought it would be just as easy to have two shops as it would one. Boy was I mistaken. Maybe it is because I am 25 weeks pregnant and have Gestational Diabetes. Who knows... But it has been harder than I thought it would be. I have been trying to re-do some of my soaps photos for the new shop. Nothing is coming out the way I would like it to. I know I can be a little picky at times. I think once I get all of my initial soaps moved over to the new shop it will not be so difficult. Okay, that's enough whining from me.

I have made quite a few batches of soap in the last week. I really like the way the swirl came out of my Love Spell soap.

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Heather said...

Hi Silvia, lovely blog to match your equally beautiful soaps!

I have some time next week, if you want me to help out with photos. I recently got some lighting equipment too.